Horacio Franco Trophy cancelled due to lack of participants

Since last year, Grupo Desportivo Comercial (GDC) has had the intention of gathering several pilots in a sole motorsports event to pay homage to Horacio Franco, an indisputable name in the history of Azorean rallies.


Initially set for after the last event of the Azorean Rally Championship in 2017, it had to be postponed as the sponsor back then had no availability of cars. This resulted from the fact that this sponsor had a team running in the greatest Azorean motorsport event. Therefore, GDC opted for deferring the event for the beginning of the current year.


Afterwards, the idea of combining this event with the 2018 edition of the Azores Airlines Rallye came up, thus taking advantage of the presence of several national and international teams on the island of São Miguel. Hence, it was established that the event would take place on the Sunday after the end of the FIA ERC Azorean event.


Despite several uncertainties, all efforts were made to make this event a reality. Since day 1, Grupo Marques, namely through his CEO Primitivo Marques (Eng.), has welcomed this idea with open arms and has offered his open-air quarry (site for the AAR – Grupo Marques super special stage) for this event. The fact is that the Azorean pilots and national and international teams which were invited for this event have, at no time, shown any interest and availability to participate in the Horacio Franco Trophy, given the proximity and difference in importance of this event to the Azores Airlines Rallye, despite its endorsement by the Portuguese Motorsports Federation (FPAK).


Therefore, GDC has decided to postpone this event, as it considers it far too worthy to not have the due dignity and importance. We apologise for any inconvenience and we thank those few who showed interest in participating. We will return to this matter when we feel that the right conditions are gathered to pay the due homage to Horacio Franco, the Pilot and the Man.